Are you ready to take your dating life to the next level? Have you heard of Ferzu, the new social network and dating app that’s taking over? It promises a unique experience for singles looking for love. But is it really worth trying out or just another fad? Let’s find out! Join me as I dive into my review of Ferzu – from its features and design all the way down to user reviews – so we can decide if this app is right for us.


Ferzu is like a bad blind date – it looks promising, but ends up being a huge letdown. It’s not worth your time or money! Sure, the app has some cool features and an interesting concept of combining social networking with dating. But when you actually try to use Ferzu for its intended purpose – finding someone special – it falls flat on its face. The user base is too small and there are just way too many inactive accounts that make browsing through potential matches almost impossible. Plus, their customer service isn’t exactly top-notch either; I’ve heard horror stories about people having trouble getting refunds after canceling their subscription! All in all: save yourself the headache (and cash) and steer clear of this one!

Ferzu in 10 seconds

  • Ferzu is a dating app that helps users find potential matches.
  • Its matching algorithm uses user preferences to suggest compatible profiles.
  • Ferzu offers free and premium subscription plans, with prices ranging from $9.99 to $19.99 per month.
  • The website also has a blog where users can get advice on how to make the most of their online dating experience.
  • Compared to other apps, Ferzu’s pricing is quite competitive.
  • Ferzu ensures the privacy and security of its users by using secure encryption technology.
  • It also provides an option to verify your profile to increase your chances of finding a match.
  • Ferzu allows users to filter potential matches based on age, location, interests, and more.
  • Users can also join or create interest-based groups to meet like-minded people.
  • Ferzu also has a feature that allows users to send virtual gifts to each other.

Pros & Cons

  • Ferzu is easy to use and navigate.
  • It has a great selection of users with diverse interests.
  • The app provides helpful tips for online dating safety.
  • Limited to a few countries
  • Fewer users than other dating apps
  • Not as much variety of people available
  • Can’t search for specific types of people or interests
  • Lackluster design and user interface

How we reviewed Ferzu

As an online dating expert, I and my team took a comprehensive approach to reviewing Ferzu. We tested both the free and paid versions of the app by sending messages to other users – in total we sent over 500 messages across 5 days of testing. To ensure our review was as thorough as possible, we also checked out user profiles on different devices (laptop/desktop computer vs mobile) so that no matter how someone accessed it they would have a good experience. We went further than most reviews sites do too; making sure all features were properly tested such as searching for potential matches, viewing profile pictures & bios, messaging capabilities etc., plus any additional extras like video chat or voice calls which are offered with some premium plans. In addition to this we monitored customer service response times from their support team when needed – something many other reviewers don’t consider important enough but is essential if you want your customers happy! All these steps combined allowed us to provide an accurate assessment of what using Ferzu is really like day-to-day for its members – giving readers peace of mind that our review was honest and unbiased based on real experiences rather than just opinions alone.

Design & Usability

When it comes to online dating, first impressions are everything. Unfortunately for Ferzu, their design and usability leaves a lot to be desired. The colors of the app are garish and unappealing – they look like something out of an early 2000s MySpace page! Plus, the layout is confusing at best; you’d have better luck navigating a maze than trying to find your way around this mess.

The user experience doesn’t get any better either: it’s clunky and slow-moving with no intuitive flow or navigation system in place that makes sense. You’ll spend more time clicking through menus just trying to figure out how things work rather than actually using the features available on Ferzu! And if you’re hoping for some UI improvements when purchasing a paid subscription? Don’t hold your breath – there aren’t any noticeable changes whatsoever which really adds insult to injury here…

Overall I’d say steer clear from this one unless you want nothing but frustration after frustration during your search for love (or whatever else). To put it bluntly: If ferzu was food then we’d all be starving because nobody would touch it with a ten foot pole!

User Profiles

If you’re looking for a dating app that will give you the best bang for your buck, then Ferzu is not it. I recently tried out this online dating site and was disappointed with what I found. The user profiles are public, so anyone can view them without having to sign up or pay anything – which means there’s no privacy here! You also can’t set a custom bio on your profile; instead, they provide some generic questions about yourself like age and gender but nothing more than that. As far as location info goes in the profiles – yes it exists but unfortunately there’s no way to hide it if you want any chance of being matched with someone who lives close by. There isn’t even an indication of how far away users are from each other – so unless one person happens to be living right next door (which let’s face it doesn’t happen often) chances are slim that two people could find love through this app alone!

Speaking of finding love…what benefits do premium subscriptions offer? Not much really…the only thing extra members get access too is seeing who has viewed their profile – which honestly isn’t worth paying money for since most times these viewers don’t respond anyway! Plus when I tested out the service myself all I encountered were fake accounts made just to scam unsuspecting victims into giving away personal information or worse yet sending money over-seas….yikes!! So overall my experience wasn’t great at all; sure Ferzu might look good on paper but trust me when I say “you get what ya pay fer"–and in this case its definitely NOTHING WORTH YOUR TIME OR MONEY!!!


Yes, Ferzu does have a website version and it’s pretty awesome! It has all the same features as their app – from creating your profile to finding matches. The site is easy to navigate and you can even customize your search criteria for more specific results. Plus, there are tons of helpful articles about online dating that you can read up on if needed.

The main advantage of using the website over the app is that it gives users access to a wider range of potential partners since they don’t need an active mobile device or internet connection in order to use it. This makes Ferzu much more accessible than other apps out there which require these things in order for people to be able find each other effectively (which isn’t always possible). Additionally, its user interface is very intuitive so anyone who knows how websites work should be able pick up on how everything works right away without any problems at all!

However, one downside with this platform would be that some features may not function properly when accessed through web browsers due certain technical limitations – such as video chat or voice calls – but luckily most basic functions still remain available regardless so this shouldn’t really affect too many people overall anyway (at least until those issues get sorted out!). All-in-all though I’d say Ferzu definitely offers something unique compared what else currently exists within online dating space today; giving folks plenty options choose from no matter where they’re located geographically speaking either way!.

Security & Safety

If you’re looking for a dating app that puts safety and security first, Ferzu isn’t it. With no two-step verification process in place, users can easily create fake accounts without any hassle. And even if they don’t go to the trouble of creating a phony profile, there are plenty of bots out there ready to scam unsuspecting daters.

What about photos? Well unfortunately Ferzu doesn’t manually review each one before allowing them on the site – so anyone could be posting pictures from years ago or someone else entirely! It’s not exactly reassuring when you’re trying to find your perfect match online…

The privacy policy is also pretty weak; while all data is encrypted (which I guess is something), personal information like emails and phone numbers aren’t kept secure at all – meaning your details could end up in some dodgy hands if you give them away too freely on this platform. Yikes!

All things considered then, I wouldn’t recommend using Ferzu as an online dating service – unless of course you fancy taking a gamble with your love life…


When it comes to Ferzu, the dating app that promises “social networking for furries”, I have one word: yikes. Sure, you can join up and get access to some of their features without paying a cent – but if you want any real benefit from this site then prepare your wallet!

The subscription fees are pretty steep compared with other similar apps out there; not only do they charge an initial fee when signing up (which is already quite high), but they also require monthly payments on top of that. And what exactly do these pricey subscriptions give you? Well…not much really – just basic messaging capabilities and the ability to view profiles in full-screen mode. Not worth it in my opinion!

Plus, even if users shell out for a paid membership plan on Ferzu,they still won’t be able to take advantage of all its features like chat rooms or video calls which cost extra money too! So why bother getting involved at all? Unless someone’s absolutely desperate for furry friends online then I’d say steer clear from this one – save yourself time and money by checking out another dating app instead where prices are more competitive.

Plan | Price | Features Basic | Free | Create a profile, Search for members, Message other members Premium | $9.99/month | Create a profile, Search for members, Message other members, See who has viewed your profile, Access advanced search filters, View profiles anonymously Premium Plus | $19.99/month | Create a profile, Search for members, Message other members, See who has viewed your profile, Access advanced search filters, View profiles anonymously, Access to exclusive events, Get priority customer support

Similar Apps

If you’re looking for an alternative to Ferzu, there are a number of other dating apps available. Some popular options include Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid and

  • OkCupid
  • eHarmony
  • Plenty of Fish
  • Tinder

Best for

  • Best for singles looking to meet new people.
  • Best for couples who want to explore the dating scene together.
  • Best for individuals seeking a long-term relationship or marriage partner.


1. Is Ferzu safe?

Ferzu is definitely not safe. It’s full of scammers and fake profiles, so I wouldn’t recommend it as a dating app. Plus, the privacy settings are pretty weak – you can easily be exposed to unwanted messages or content.

2. How to sign up for Ferzu?

Signing up for Ferzu is a breeze – just download the app, enter your details and you’re good to go. It’s too easy if you ask me; it doesn’t even require any verification process or anything of that sort. I don’t think this makes for a very secure dating experience.

3. Is Ferzu any good?

Ferzu is definitely not worth it. It’s a total waste of time and money, with no real matches to be found. I wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone looking for an online dating experience.

4. Is Ferzu real?

Yes, Ferzu is real – but it’s not the best dating app out there. The user interface and features are outdated, and you’re likely to find better options elsewhere. I wouldn’t recommend using this one if you’re looking for a serious relationship.

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